The International Conference on Sensing and Imaging
(ICSI 2017)
June 5-7, 2017 Chengdu, China

Sensing and imaging is an interdisciplinary field including science and engineering, such as optics, electricity, magnetism, heat, sound, mathematics, and computing technology, to characterize and visualize objects of interest noninvasively. It has found diversified applications that have changed our life.

The conference will be interdisciplinary. ICSI 2017 aims to gather together colleagues worldwide in the fields of sensing and imaging, providing a platform for the participants to communicate, discuss and collaborate on a broad scope of topics, including theories, techniques, and applications of sensing and imaging technology. The conference will also help bridge the gap between scientists and engineers with the purpose of rapid translation of the sensing and imaging technologies into practical applications.

This conference will be held at Chengdu University of Information Technology , Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, on June 5-7, 2017. With more than 2600 years of history, Chengdu is one of the most attractive areas in China.

The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), China Computer Federation (CCF) and the Chengdu University of Information Technology (CUIT) are the primary sponsors of ICSI 2017. Prof. Jiliu Zhou, the President of CUIT, serves as the chair for this conference.